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Suarez will play Barcelona debut, Enrique will first debut in the Santiago Bernabeu with Barcelona coach. Last 10 Barcelona coach at the Bernabeu debut record, 4 WINS, 2 draws and 4 defeats. Guardiola's most brilliant, in 2009 he led the Barcelona historic 6:2 blood to the Bernabeu. Louis van Gaal in the 1998 team 3:2 to conquer the Bernabeu, Rijkaard three-fourths 2:1 away win of the season with Real Madrid, Martino at the Bernabeu last season the team won 4:3. nike air thera mens    Two draw, are Anthich and Ferrer led the gain, score 1:1 and 2:2, respectively. Vilanova 1:2 defeat at the Bernabeu, Carles Rexach and Robson are lost into the 0:2. Cruyff was the architect dream team, but first at the Bernabeu 2:3 lose. Inter Milan's recent poor results, coach Walter mazzarri is under great pressure. Home after a goalless and St Etienne, Meazza Stadium again the cacophony of boos, which is dark blue and the fans booed. However, Tohir remained behind in Mazar. Walter mazzarri to Naples coach feats of identity into the Inter Milan last season, he was hand-picked by Moratti's candidate, has also been appreciated by Tohir.

Admittedly, following AirYeezy2RedOctober, coincidentally, the big brands have launched red boots, scrambling to dip a stick thrown red coconut's fervor. Although AirYeezy2RedOctober is not the first Commander red boots, but it caused by the phenomenon is unprecedented. Small series for you today after Red coconut, snare, the brand has launched a series of all-red boots and AirJordan6SlamDunk to be officially released today, also will be available nike free tr fit 3 online nike air thera buy   for sale early in Asia, generally available on October 18 to meet you. Physical packaging now has been exposed, the classic picture on the shoe box in the slam dunk, red upper with 3 m reflective effect of showing the image of Sakuragi ikebana familiar, get people excited. JordanSlamDunk Sakuragi of slam dunk ikebana series brought the latest teaser video, cherry wood flower AirJordan landed his dream shoes, blood to reproduce. Our my shoes and my show, activities are in full swing, we moved to tan themselves on a wonderful foot pictures, also spoke about his Sneaker and sneakers have to tell those stories.

Atletico mainly by positioning the ball points, Real Madrid also has excellent heading ability in trench warfare. Ronaldo has headed the 3 times this season, he headed home the highest number of players in the whole Spain. Real Madrid great heading ability, both from the tactics right, also stems from the overall physical condition of the players extremely well. Selection of Barcelona stresses the technical ability and tactical awareness, it has spawned a large number of road Hugger. Real Madrid when selecting players, relative to pay more attention to the physical fitness of the players. Ronaldo has the same muscle shape sculpture, Ramos called the Centre-half monster, Pepe, the mavalane the same combination of speed, mens nike free 5.0 v4 cheap nike free run 3 womens  technology, and consciousness. Bell, j Lo, big and strong, and even sit on the bench, aweiluoya, also has a beautiful muscle nicknamed RoboCop. Contradictions in the battle for the strongest, Real Madrid got the last laugh. Barcelona conceded for the first time in the League this season, but threw three balls. Real Madrid's attack, continued to laugh and pride of European football. To date, Real Madrid this season, scored 46 goals in 15 games in all competitions, scoring as much as 3.06 goals per game.

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