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Obviously, the best way to respond is to win, and win. Inter Milan this weekend's trip to Cesena, is a very good chance. As the newly promoted sides of the season, Cesena overall strength is very limited. In the last 7 games, Cesena only got 6 points. If the winless, Mazar the situation is more difficult. Recently, Guardiola's friend, journalist Perarnau Pape, a new book Secrets caused great attention in international football, this book records and reveal Guardiola untold  nike kd 5 elite for sale   stories, like the national Derby transformation before Lionel Messi, on the attitude of TIKITAKA. Latest serialized chapter of the PEP secrets, secret Guardiola Chessmaster Ms Maag, Magnus Carlson-stories. Chess Grandmaster, born in 1990, Ms Maag, Magnus-Carlson, Mozart, a chess Grandmaster Lionel Messi in the world. Guardiola after the admiration of genius. In 2012, said goodbye to Barcelona's PEP Guardiola in the United States New York enjoy leisurely, he and a chess Grandmaster, former world champion Garry Kasparov dinners, during PEP Guardiola asked Garry Kasparov, you used to be Carlson's teacher, but why the game is hard to beat Carson.

High-end line owned by internationally famous brands of skateboard Vans Syndicate partners with AlexisRoss to create OGAuthenticProS. Design is very fun to use Chinese previously used bags. Highsnobiety fashion website through NBCustom opportunity to customize an exclusive color M990MadeinUSA. Design of blue and black, followed by a location embroidery VRAIFAUX. Nike classic shoes for  air jordan 11 retro for sale air jordan 5 retro cheap  its NikeAirMax1 a few days ago launched a pair of new color schemes, this shoe features wide white throughout the whole shoe, blue outlining Swoosh and tongue Logo, shoes overall elegant and easy to ride, finally rendered in pale blue outsole. Outsole of shoe is most eye-catching design, designers will be luminous material into the large end, let it take on completely different color during the day, except the Nike just launched the GS version did not create men, Reebok classic shoes ReebokPump to commemorate its 25 anniversary of the birth, recently invited to Boston's renowned Bodega launched a joint project of the shop.

Turin City gradually turned cool of weather plus Palermo promoted horse of identity, let this field at three o'clock in the afternoon of game also became no what attraction, although game of ball votes early of a sale and empty, but still in Stadium in the can see large empty with of seat, many purchased Juventus quarter votes of fans and no select came to stadium, game both itself of strength gap and Italy economic currently in of winter let fans were does not willing to spent Shang 50 Europe around of cost crossing fee, and oil fee and meals fee,, Because Juventus fans not in Turin, Turin Torino fans far outnumber the Juve fans came to see a no suspense of the game. Compared to the Juve fans, Palermo fans are very  cheap adidas d rose 3.5 cheap air jordan 14 retro enthusiastic, even as far away as the island of Sicily, but it traveled more than more than 200 fans, many of them have even set out by car from the day before the game, mighty Rush arrived in Turin a day on the road, just to show their support for their beloved team on the road, they also really pretty put together. Contents of the game itself isn't too much, Ewing's two away games in a row without winning, desperate for a victory to vent their emotions, Palermo goalkeeper will eat the bitter, high low block would be difficult to block the Juventus after mustering the enthusiasm of the attacking group, not to mention also the Juventus fans against him.

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